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Education Choices

School Choice Resources

"School choice" refers to the policy concept that some students need a little something different from public schools. Public education does great for most students, but there are always kids who don't thrive there. For them, some form of private school or alternative education may be best. The following resources are designed to help parents who are looking for educational choices.

Why Not Montana?

This web site presents videos from fellow Montanans talking about how school choice could benefit us.

Tax Credit Scholarships

Montana is in the process of implementing tax credit scholarships for school choice. The system works like this: private individuals can get a tax credit if they donate to an organization that gives scholarships to students so they can attend an a private school or an alternative public program. Right now, the rules for this program are tied up in a lawsuit, but soon this will create more options for students who need them.

The Friedman Foundation

The Friedman foundation advocates for school choice nationwide. Their website provides a lot of information about what school choice looks like in the 42 states that have successfully implemented it. The Friedman Foundation just released a new document called The ABC's of School Choice. Read it by clicking here.

ACE Scholarships.

ACE is a private organization tha tprovides scholarships for students attending private schools. You can learn more about them here.

School Choice